We believe in creating a community where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and we’re committed to helping children and families in our region move out of poverty. 

We know these goals cannot be accomplished with only private funds. Government support is critical. That’s why United Way works directly with elected and appointed officials on the federal, state and local levels to address long-term and systemic issues that impact health, education and financial stability. 

We believe you can help! When we Live United, we have the power to do good together.   




  • Partnering with federal, state and local governments to improve the education, income and health throughout our region.

  • Educating the public about issues concerning the education, income and health of our community. 

  • Informing our community partners about policy and funding opportunities and helping them be effective participants in state and local government.

Join Our Advocacy Network

Join us and help unite our community to change lives in Greater Cincinnati.


Contact: For more information concerning our public policy advocacy efforts, please email us or call 513-762-7220.